Monday, February 27, 2012

XSS security holes Found in “Verisign Trusted” Online Stores

The worrying thing is that all of the sites bare Verisign Trusted, Internet Shopping is Safe, Internet Delivery is Safe, Verified by Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode logos.

The hacker said “25 of these big sites all run the same script and it was not hard to find them all using a home made ‘Google dork’. They try to filter the search on the main pages but then when you search for something that is well not there it then allows you to search again and this one has no limit to characters and very lil filtering,”

“A person with 5 mins of looking at XSS could make these sites fall to the knees and well do alot of damage to the reputations of these sites.”

“I mean OK, I just looked on and there prices range are ‘ehhh WOW’. Would not want to think I was paying that so I ask one question if you have the money to pay for that why let the script let you down,” Freedom further mentioned.

“And from what I’m seeing is coz these companies like to look the part but when it comes down to it are a letdown for users. Also users need to understand that just because you’re going to a site that has a stamp saying safe or is https it don't mean its secure,” he concluded.

source and the full story at: news.softpedia


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