Friday, February 24, 2012

SonicWall integrates Kaspersky into firewalls

SonicWALL, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent network security and data protection solutions, today announced it has expanded its suite of firewall security services with the addition of Kaspersky Anti-Virus to its Enforced Client Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solution. SonicWALL® Firewalls ensure easy deployment, provisioning and enforcement of the client on endpoint devices through a unique policy-driven engine.

SonicWALL Next-Generation and Unified Threat Management firewalls already provide gateway anti-virus through SonicWALL’s proprietary reassembly-free deep packet inspection anti-malware solution, protecting the perimeter, wireless and VPNs. But viruses can still enter the network through other entry points, including laptops, thumb drives or other unprotected systems. While protection at multiple layers is the best defense against sophisticated modern threats, deploying, maintaining and enforcing the right security software on endpoint devices can strain IT resources and budgets.

SonicWALL firewalls provide an innovative multi-layered anti-malware strategy consisting of its anti-malware solution at the gateway and enforced anti-virus solution at the endpoints. When a non-compliant end-point within the network tries to connect to the Internet, the firewall will redirect the user to a web page to install the latest SonicWALL Enforced Client Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software. The firewall further ensures that all the end-point clients are automatically updated with the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware signatures without end-user intervention. The updated clients can remediate infections by cleansing the endpoint systems and thus preventing further propagation of the threat throughout the network.

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