Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is Virus hoaxes ? - Security Term

Virus hoaxes are false reports and warnings about non-existent viruses, often claiming to do impossible things. Typically, the warning arrives in an e-mail note or is distributed through a note in a company's internal network. These notes are usually forwarded using distribution lists and they will typically suggest that the recipient forward the note to other distribution lists. Unfortunately, some recipients occasionally believe such a hoax to be a true virus warning and may take drastic action such as shutting down their network.

A virus hoax is quite misleading because in some cases it appears as a warning notifying you that your computer is not protected and it advises you to run an antivirus scan by performing a particular action. This action may turn out to be falsely represented and results in a program being executed that contains the actual virus infection.

The worst part about these hoaxes is that the authors make the messages look real and for those who are not experienced with antivirus software or computers can easily fall prey to this type of malware.

If you get a message about a new virus, you can check it out by going to one of the leading Web sites that keep up with viruses and virus hoaxes. If someone sends you a note about a virus that you learn is a virus hoax, reply to the sender that the virus warning is a hoax.

One example of a virus hoax is one that advises customers to delete a valid Windows file that is named Jdbgmgr.exe. This file is the Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java. If you receive the e-mail message that is listed in the "More Information" section of this article, delete the e-mail message and do not forward it to others. Although this file may become infected with a virus, its presence is not an indication of a virus infection.

source: freetechexams

Examples: View hoaxes (sophos)

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