Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is password cracker ? - Security Term

Password cracker is the program which deals with the passwords that had been forgotten by the people. the forgotten password may be related to either the computer or to some other form of the networking service.

The password cracker service needs to be used by the people themselves and thus this is the application that allows the people to easily get back to the programs which were used by them before. Some of the services had been unauthorized used by the people then the password cracker technique may also be used in that case too. Apart from this there are two different forms of the method which had been identified to be used with the password crackers and they are related as the dictionary searches or the brute force. This service had been of quit help for the people and thus these forms of the password cracker are found to be used at that time when the new password is used by the users.

The dictionary search form of the password cracker is used at that time when all the elements of the password are searched by the dictionary so that the correction could be easily made. The dictionaries tend to contain different form of words or topics in it and each of the topics is related to some of the field. The topic included in the dictionary makes use of the movies, music, politics and others. However the brute force which is the other form of the password cracker is the technique which is used when the characters are entered into the system but a collection of characters is used for this and as a result the computer identified the correct password character when it is entered. Other than this there are some of the password crackers which work on hybrid level and the search for them are made in the dictionaries. The hybrid form tends to contain the numbers or the data entries in it.

source: freetechexams

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