Friday, January 20, 2012

Brazilian cybercriminals’ daily earnings – more than you’ll ever earn in a year!..

How much do you earn per day? If we look at how much a cybercriminal from Brazil earns every day, we’ll understand why Brazil is one of the main sources of malware in the world.

Brazilian cybercriminals really like to use short URLs to track infections and have their own stats. Here is the profile of one criminal using Bitly as a URL shortening service.
As you can see, in just one day, he was able to gain more than 33,000 clicks or potential infections! Let’s presume that just 10% of all the victim machines end up getting infected. That means approximately 3300 people are affected. In Brazil malware is usually spread in order to steal only credit card and online banking account information, and this was the case with this particular campaign. Account information for other Internet resources like Facebook, IM, email etc. was not stolen.

Of course, in real life the rate of infection would be higher than just 10%. In most cases it can easily be between 50 and 60%.

The lack of legislation in many countries like Brazil makes it possible to steal huge amounts of money with little risk of going to jail.

source: So, how much did the criminal make on that particular day? more at securelist

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